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Wealth Management

Wealth Management We offer wealth management through four risk–graded portfolios which we review on a regular basis, currently monthly. These are reviewed in terms of the underlying funds selected and the balance of these funds within each portfolio as follows. Our approach to wealth management enables us to monitor the risk of individual funds and of the portfolio as a whole.

At any monthly review point we may recommend a switch of funds within a portfolio and if so we email clients to ask for agreement to the change and then carry out these switches on their behalf within our annual wealth management fees irrespective of the number of switches we process for you.

Selection of the Investment Funds

Firstly, we obtain the performance data of investment funds from an independent agency to ensure impartiality.

We can identify those fund managers which consistently outperform their peers by judgement rather than luck.

We can highlight those funds which are rewarding the investor with a higher level of return whilst taking a lower level of risk.

Constructing the Investment Portfolio

Every portfolio is constructed to a level of risk agreed with the client. We are able to monitor, not only the risk attached to the individual funds, but also the risk of the portfolio as a whole. Many advisers understand the theories of portfolio optimisation but do not have the ability to actually carry out this diversification procedure.

The benefit of this approach to wealth management is that we can achieve lower than expected levels of risk whilst using funds which have high performance.

Portfolios are monitored and adjusted to contain the risk exposure on an active basis.

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