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Life Planning

Life planning Having the time and space to consider how we would like to live is rare. It is even less rare to be given an opportunity to follow a structured process which can help clarify how your ideal life would look and then to find the right help to formulate a workable plan to achieve it. Designing a new life can be a daunting challenge unless you have sound professional support. We know this from years of experience of helping clients.

You may not be clear about what you want your new future to look like – and even if you are, you may not believe it is achievable.

If this sounds interesting to you then you may benefit from our unusual approach to financial planning. We call it Financial Life Planning and it comprises three separate elements which we meld together, Life Planning, Financial Modelling and Wealth Management.

Life Planning

Life Planning is about taking stock of where you stand now in life and where you might want to go with the rest of it. It gives you the space to take a long, slow, deep breath and appreciate that time is finite.

However wealthy we are, we cannot stop time and how we spend it is crucial to our happiness. We provide a safe space for you to consider this afresh. Given the option of designing the perfect life how would it differ from here onwards? What is important to build into your life for you to feel truly at ease?

These qualitative explorations are essential in order to structure your personal wealth to support the most fulfilling life for you - financial planning is not the end, but only the means to the end.

“The values and aspirations which emerge can be as much to the client’s surprise as ours”


We follow a structured process so that you can be sure that a successful result will gradually emerge as we move through the meetings. We can provide you with materials to complete if you need to think about issues you are struggling with, but at all times you remain in control of the process.

After all, this is your Life Plan, not ours.

This planning takes up to four meetings and we never know what the end result will be. The values and aspirations which emerge can be as much to your surprise as ours – it might be to live near the sea, launch a new business, patch up a family rift, sponsor an opera, regain your spiritual integrity, extricate yourself from a business, sail round the world with your children or as one client told us, just to ‘make a difference’. But to just list previous client's aspirations is really to miss the impact of the exercise and the incredible empowerment which you feel once you realise that you can live your life by design.

Once we have agreed upon the elements of the life plan with you, we examine all of the obstacles – and there may be many – until we have found solutions and compromises to be sure that your plan can be achieved.

We help you find the inspiration and energy to make the plan come to life and we will help and guide you until you are en route to successful completion. You can find out more about Life Planning

Then we move on to Financial Modelling


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