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Income Drawdown or Income Withdrawal
(Unsecured Pension or Alternatively Secured Pension)

Income Drawdown As an alternative to purchasing an annuity at retirement it is now possible to draw out an income directly from a pension fund.

This has the particular advantage that the pension funds remains invested. This gives flexibility to take different levels of income as a client’s circumstances change.

Income withdrawal is particularly important for those who do not wish to buy an annuity for example, this might include those clients who:

  • are in poor health
  • have spouses in poor health
  • have a substantially younger spouse
  • wish to optimise their Inheritance Tax planning
  • have other temporary income such as consultancy earnings

Tax free cash
(Pension Commencement Lump Sum)

A lump sum can now be taken from a pension scheme without commitment to take any significant income. This is of major benefit to those who want to access up to 25% of their pension fund for a capital project but do not need to receive retirement income, for example those who are still working. This issue is complex and needs individual consultation.

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