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Keeley & Co - Independent Financial Adviser Birmingham
Keeley & Co - Independent Financial Adviser and General Insursance Birmingham
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Financial Modelling

From the Life Planning work may emerge an innovative and exciting life plan so it is essential that we can model the financial implications of your plan and examine how your new life can be achieved with financial security.

We build an interactive model of your lifetime cash flow by importing your assets, liabilities and income into our modelling software. We also collate the expenditure, everything from utility bills to education funding and other prospective outflows such as gifts to children. Most importantly, we incorporate the features of your new life plan and run the model in front of you so that we can examine for yourself how your long term financial security looks, and how it varies according to your life plan decisions.

If you are unused to dealing with the financial decisions in the household, we will gradually introduce financial coaching, enabling you to feel at ease and confident with how you manage your wealth and knowing that you always have a second opinion close at hand if and when you need it.

We are Chartered Financial Planners, so our last role is to review and rearrange your existing wealth to specifically support your new Life Plan. We provide a financial strategy report and detailed written recommendations, as you would expect. Our management of your money is explained further within the Wealth Management page.

Once your wealth is suitably arranged, we review any assets we manage for you on a monthly basis and carry out a comprehensive strategic review at our regular annual meeting.

“A financial planner should be a partner for life, managing wealth to match the client's life journey”


We believe that a financial planner should be your partner for life, reviewing your affairs on an ongoing basis and actively managing you wealth to match your changing life journey.


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