Keeley & Co - Independent Financial Adviser and General Insursance Birmingham
Keeley & Co - Independent Financial Adviser Birmingham
Keeley & Co - Independent Financial Adviser and General Insursance Birmingham
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Who Do We Advise?

Who we advise Each adviser only works with a small number of clients. We invest a great deal of time and effort to allow us to understand our clients as fully as possible and we  work exceptionally hard to help our clients achieve everything that they wish.

This means that we give a very personal service but it also means that we have to be selective about who we help. As we do not believe in providing a lower level of service, we either accept clients and give them our very best or we do not accept them at all.

Our clients fall into two categories:

  • Private Individuals with at least £250k of investable wealth (including pension funds)
    • these may be professionals such as accountants or solicitors, senior staff, directors and partners in large firms
    • Sudden Wealth individuals who have come into large amounts of capital, perhaps through inheritance, retirement, lottery wins or divorce.
  • Owner Controllers
    • business owners with at least £0.25m annual turnover who wish to integrate their business and personal objectives.

Why do our clients work with us?

  • They do not have the time, knowledge or perhaps the confidence to manage their own financial affairs on their own.
  • They want an adviser who genuinely wishes to look after their interests over the long term.
  • They want an adviser with ethical principles in whom they can have implicit trust.

Common Areas in which clients initially seek our advice

  • Wealth management including pension funds, investment portfolios, cash, property
  • Buying property through self invested personal pensions (SIPPs) and small self administered schemes (SSAS).
  • Investment management of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs), Personal Equity Plans (PEPs), unit trusts, open ended investment companies OEICs, stocks and shares.
  • Retirement planning for individual clients, owner controllers, company directors
  • Key Man and Shareholder Protection life insurance to protect their business interests.
  • Group personal pensions and occupational pension schemes and other employee benefits arrangements.

All of these are issues with which we deal every day. However, we find that clients receive greater overall satisfaction from our advice if they follow our recommended Wealth Management approach.


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